Edwyn Collins: The Possibilities are Endless, Q&A and live at Sheffield Students' Union

October 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Last night I had the immense pleasure to attend an evening with Edwyn Collins, he of "I've never met a girl like you before" fame.  It was part of the Off the Shelf festival in Sheffield. 

Edwyn had a stroke 9 years ago and a film about his experiences since, called The Possibilities are Endless, was shown first.  I was expecting a documentary about his recovery and learning to sing again but instead this existential arthouse film blasted out of the speakers.  It was based around audio interviews with Edwyn and his wife Grace placed over very striking visuals about his life - both pre- and post- stroke.  The first ten minutes was especially raw as the filmmakers tried to simulate Edwyn having a stroke via loud noises and images.  

I have to say I enjoyed the film immensely.  Below are a couple of stills from the film.


Once the film had ended there was a Q&A session with Edwyn and Grace hosted by Simon Goddard, who 20 years ago directed the video for the single that preceded A Girl Like You being released.  As Simon amusingly recounted, the single of the video he directed bombed, and the follow up single didn't.

Both Edwyn and Grace were extremely entertaining, very funny and I loved how they bickered just like the old married couple they have become.  But at the same time you could see the love and close bond they still had for each other. 

After the Q&A session ended came the highlight of the evening - Edwyn playing some songs from the soundtrack to the film.  He can't play the guitar any more due to his stroke, hence he had a talented guitarist to accompany him, but as a vocalist was still amazing and he even managed to play the harmonica one handed!


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