Tramlines 2014 - Friday

July 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I am thrilled to be one of the official photographers at the Tramlines festival again this year.  The line up is great this year as you can see from the advert above.  I am especially looking forward to photographing Public Enemy "Yeah Boi!".

First up for me tonight were bands playing the cathedral.  This is one of the best venues used for Tramlines and the sound and lighting is always top notch.  And so it was tonight, although it was a shame that the stage wasn't in front of any stained glass windows.

I was there to photograph up and coming Sheffield indie band Blessa for Tramlines Times, the daily newspaper published each day of the festival.  But luckily we got there early and caught their support band Shy Nature.  They sounded good but we only caught their last couple of songs unfortunately.

Blessa were up next and I liked them a lot; it was just a shame that because I had a tight deadline to meet to upload the photos of the band to Tramlines Times we had to leave after their first couple of songs.

After I had uploaded the Blessa photos we hurried over to the Main Stage and caught the last two songs from Katy B.  I wanted to get a crowd shot from the back and this one hit the nail on the head I think.


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