Tramlines 2014 - Saturday or when Simon met Flav

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Wow. That is the only word for it.  What a day at Tramlines!  The music, atmosphere and weather were all amazing but the highlight for me was meeting the one and only Mr Flavor Flav from Public Enemy - Yeah Boi!

The day started off with me going for a wander to take in some of the atmosphere.  The street performers were fantastic as were the atmosphere and festival goers in general.

While I was in the Peace Gardens I caught Sushi, a local band who were great and very photogenic.
Next I headed to the Main Stage to catch Juce, a London 3 piece girl band, who were great and much better than that description makes them sound.
After Juce had finished I took advantage of my VIP pass and relaxed in the VIP bar while downloading my photos. I was just going to leave when something happened that led to one of the highlights of not only this years Tramlines but possibly one of the highlights of my life - I was asked by Tramlines to photograph Flavor Flav!  They needed a photographer to take a photo of Sarah, the Tramlines Director and Flav and as I was the only photographer in the bar I got the job.
I have never been so nervous taking a photo ever but despite shaking I managed to get the photos that Tramlines wanted.  Flav was a complete pro and was more than happy to act up for the camera.
Two policemen then spotted Flav and wanted their phtoos taken with the great man so I obliged!
I think the policemen were almost as starstruck as me.  I then asked Flav if he would pose for selfie with me and the result is at the top of this post.  He is a lovely bloke and seemed quite down to earth.
It took me an hour or so to calm down which is just as well because I then had to photograph Flav and the rest of the band on the main stage. This was an incredible challenge because rather than the usual first 3 songs I was only given two what felt like 30 second slots to get my photos.  This was because almost every other photographer wanted to photograph PE so our time had to be rationed.  Anyway, here are the photos:
PE played a barn-storming set full of their greatest hits and were easily the best band I've seen in my four years of covering Tramlines.  What makes this even more amazing is that Chuck D said on stage that he will be 54 next week and Flav is 55 - they were bouncing around on stage as if they were in their 20s and their energy was impressive.
After the chaos of photographing them from the photography pit I headed to the back of the crowd and captured this 6 photo panorama that shows just how large the crowd was.  Devonshire Green holds 8000 people and they were officially full.
After PE had finished I went hunting for a copy of Tramlines Times, the free newspaper published each day at the festival,  to see if any of my photos from yesterday had been published.  And I was thrilled to see that one of my photos of Blessa from last night had been.



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