Tramlines 2015 - Friday

July 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Just when I thought that the amazing 2014 Tramlines couldn't be beaten, along comes the 2015 edition and knocks it out of the park!  The first night was AMAZING and I only got to shoot 3 bands.

First up was the fantastic and very chilled-out Ghostpoet on the new Main Stage at the Ponderosa Park.  He was brilliant and deserved a larger crowd than his 18:15 performance time allowed. And the new main stage venue is really excellent, loads more space than Dev Green and room for chill-out areas and a fun fair so it now feels much more like the grown up festival it has become.

Next up were the extremely charismatic, frenetic and wonderful Slaves. They were simply one of the best bands I have ever seen at Tramlines and they had the crowd moshing at the front like I've never seen before at a main stage gig.  Fantastic.

Next I headed over to The Leadmill to shoot Zoax, a hardcore metal band, which usually isn't my cup of tea. However I was blown away by the performance of the lead singer Adam Carroll.  He looked like a hardcore metaller - beard, tattoos and attitude - but all with huge charisma and an accent that was straight out of Father Ted, especially as he had a great sense of humour.  He also spent a lot of the gig in the crowd, including at one point playing an impromptu un-amplified acoustic number with the crowd packed around him.

So, a great start. Can't wait to see what the next two days have in store!


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