Tramlines 2015 - Saturday

July 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Friday night at Tramlines was amazing but Saturday was even more amazinger!  I didn't feel like I covered enough bands on Friday but I more than made up for it on Saturday.

First up I headed into town to cover the street entertainers and general atmosphere.  The best street entertainers by far were the fantastic BGees - a Bee Gees tribute act that turned the cheesiness up to 11.  They pranced around town miming to the best of the Bee Gees and they were hilarious.

Next I headed over to the station to cover the Busker Tram.  As I was early I popped in to the Sheffield Tap as I'd heard they had bands on.  And I caught some of Davey Wilson's set.  He was great, playing popular covers (Artics, Beatles etc).

The Buskers Tram was a real highlight.  Chayser were the band and they played a crowd pleasing set of TV programme themes tunes which included Friends, Happy Days and The Fresh Prince.  It was surreal to see a band playing on the tram as we headed from the Station to Shalesmoor, the closest stop to the Main Stage.

Once I got off the tram at Shalesmoor I headed over to the Main Stage to cover Renegade Brass Band.  I'd missed them when they played Tramlines in previous years so I was keen to catch them this year. And I was so pleased I did because they were superb.

Next up were the legendary Sugarhill Gang!

I then headed over to the City Hall to see Cleft.  There was a little bit of confusion here because they weren't actually playing inside the City Hall but on a small stage outside.  I almost missed them because of this but I'm glad I didn't because the guitarist gave the best "guitar face" I've seen in a long time!

Next up were the always photogenic Rolo Tomassi.

I then caught the headliners on the Main Stage, the amazing Basement Jaxx.

My final port of call was to see the wonderful Marika Hackman at the Cathedral.  She was great but her choice of pretty much zero lighting on the stage meant it was very difficult to take any photos of her.  But being the pro that I am, I did manage to get this decent one. 

So that was an amazing day, can't wait for what Sunday will bring me!


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