Friday at Tramlines 2016

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Jump with Dizzee Rascal!Jump with Dizzee Rascal!Jump with Dizzee Rascal!

Am really proud to be one of the official Tramlines photographers for the 6th year running. And this year has got off to a great - and some would say bonkers - start!

Friday evening and night at Tramlines was amazing. I zoomed around 3 different venues - The Main Stage, The Harley and The City Hall - to cover 4 very different, but very entertaining acts.

First up was the Afrobeatfunk of K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade on The Main Stage. They were great fun and really got the small, but very passionate, crowd going to open up Tramlines. You can see a couple of photos from their set below, or all my photos of the band herePhotos of ZOG

Second was Pixx at The Harley.  I chose to shoot them because they sounded interesting but mainly it was because I knew I could have a cheeky Twisted Burger Company burger and fries beforehand!  I still had a voucher for a free burger and chips left over from Outlines and it was accepted - result! 

Pixx were great but I just wish The Harley would light their acts properly - no spot lights on the band makes my job really difficult.  I really love the Harley - the food, that atmosphere, the beer, the people, the location, the bands - but the lighting sucks.

Anyway, moan over, you can see one photo of Pixx below and the rest here: photos of Pix

Third was back on the Main Stage to cover Dizzee Rascal.  I am shooting bands for Tramlines Times and there were two of us shooting Dizzee - me and my friend, and very talented photographer, Gary.  As we had a tight deadline to get the photos sent over to the Tramlines Times, Gary just stayed for the first 3 songs so he could upload a photo of Dizzee for them to use while I stayed to capture the planned confetti cannon that Dizzee was going to shoot over the crowd.  This meant that Gary will probably get the front cover, but I am glad I stayed because I managed to get a brilliant spot to take a photo of the confetti moment.  And I also - whisper it quietly - really enjoyed Dizzee's set.  He's never been my cup of tea but he put on an excellent show. Bonkers!

The perfect spot I found to take photos of the crowd during Dizzee's set was behind the crash barrier on the mixing desk. The reason why I got into trouble is that although I asked permission to stand there - and I knew it was a bit cheeky and thought they'd say no - one of the junior guys eventually said yes (he wanted to check with his boss, the Production Manager, but he was up in the cherry picker with another photographer).  Once his boss came back half-way through Dizzee's set he wasn't best pleased to find me in the mixing desk area but luckily I knew him, he's a photographer too, so he let me off this once.  Won't be able to stand here again unfortunately but as you can see from the first photo of Dizzee jumping on stage at the top of this post, and the confetti shot below, it was a great vantage point to capture the hands in the air crowd moments.

My final act was Greg Wilson, an old skool Madchester DJ, in the City Hall. This was a great way to round off the night.

Below are my highlights from the night but you can see more in my Tramlines 2016 gallery here: Tramlines 2016 photos.

Thank you Friday, roll on Saturday!


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