Saturday at Tramlines 2016

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Wow. If Friday was amazing, Saturday was even amazinger! It was all about Super Mario Bros, Teleman, street entertainers, the Snookerstar DJ Steve Davis, sunshine and so much more...

As with my Friday post, you can see my best photos from Saturday below and all of them here: Tramlines Photos.

First up was Napoleon IIIrd at Folk Forest. They played mainly very chilled out music with occasional loud bits and were the perfect start to the day.

Next, in a very typical move for me, I left Folk Forest to head into town despite volunteering to cover most of the rest of the day at Folk Forest. It would have made more sense to stay put as I was covering some more of Folk Forest later but that would be too easy!  I headed into the city centre to cover the street entertainment and Emma Crowder at the Cathedral.  Emma and her band were great and perfect for the chilled out atmosphere in the Cathedral.

After that, I headed back to Folk Forest and covered Laura J Martin, Gwenno, and the band I was most looking forward to the whole festival, Teleman.

I loved Gwenno, her songs sounds beautiful but were about very serious subjects like how appalling patriarchy is, revolution and media intrusion.

Teleman were simply fantastic - one of the best bands I've seen in my 6 years of Tramlines.  Folk Forest is usually chilled out with people sitting on picnic blankets. But not for Teleman - the forest was packed with everyone standing like a proper gig. There was a great atmosphere, the sun was shining and the band were very engaging - perfect.

After Teleman I headed back into town to cover Black Peaks at the City Hall.  I had no idea what to expect from them and they blew me away.  They were very loud, very heavy and did I mention loud...

Next were Mystery Jets at the O2 Academy.  Unfortunately the lead singer of the band had hurt his leg and was on crutches. So he sat down with his face to the side of the stage. Combined with terrible lighting, it made for challenging conditions.  It was also a real shame that they were supposed to be playing on Devonshire Green but Tramlines switched the Dev Green programme to the Academy.  But Mystery Jets were fantastic none-the-less.

I then had a little break to upload my photos to Tramlines Times and the Tramlines Flickr before the real highlight of a day of highlights - the Snookerstar DJ himself, Steve Davis.  He was DJing at the Millennium Gallery and he was actually fantastic DJ as well as being a comedy act.  He drew a big crowd but once people had got over the comedy of a snooker player DJing, they all got into the excellent, obscure music he played.

I then photographed the DJ who had to follow Steve, Mica Levi. Steve was a hard act to follow but she dropped some good tunes

Then to finish off the night, I headed over to Plug to cover legendary DJ Goldie.


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