Farapack Polymers Ltd photoshoot

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Back in May I was booked by Farapack Polymers Ltd to take a series of photos for their new website.  These included staff portraits, photos of the staff working in their labs and a photo of the Dainton Building, the building where they are based.  The website is now live so I can finally blog about it.

Farapack Polymers is a company based in the department of Chemistry at the University of Sheffield.  They offer R&D services to the global polymer industry and are wholly owned by the university. As you would expect, they have access to lots of great high tech, and very photogenic, chemistry equipment. I am a chemist by background, and in a past life spent many years working in chemistry labs, so it was great to be able to photograph lots of people in white coats, lots lab equipment and lots of multi-coloured liquids.  I felt right at home!

One of their most impressive bits of kit is their 10 litre Lara® Controlled Lab Reactor. Andy, the scientist who I was going to photograph using the reactor, had kindly filled it with an indicator that changed colour depending on the pH of the liquid (if you remember your school chemistry the indicator would change colour depending in if the liquid was acidic or alkali). He added some acid to the mixture and it changed colour, which made for some visually interesting photos. I snapped away while this happened and turned the colour changes into an animated GIF. 


Other photos I took included some in their NMR lab, their chromatography lab and their X-ray lab as well as their polymer lab. I also took some portrait photos of the team too. And a few weeks later, on a clear night, I returned to take a dynamic night photo of the building. 

You can see all of the photos I took in the gallery here: Farapack Polymers Ltd photos.


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