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At Tramlines two weeks ago I was photographing for 3 different purposes - the festival itself, Tramlines Times (the free newspaper that is published each day at the festival by Exposed Magazine) and Exposed Magazine itself.  There is no guarantee that my photos will be used by any of these, but I am really pleased that all three have used some of my 2016 photos.

Quite a few of my photos have been used by the festival's social media - for example this photo of the crowd watching Dizzee on Facebook and this one of the confetti cannon during Dizzee's set on Twitter - and my photos were also published in both the Saturday and Sunday editions of Tramlines Times.  

In past years I've had a few front covers of Tramlines Times but this year I only had photos inside the newspaper.  This was partly because I wasn't covering Kelis on the Saturday and I was charged with getting the photo of the confetti cannon during Dizzee's set on the Friday which meant I missed the deadline for submitting a photo for the front cover.  I think it also had a lot to do to my colleague's photos of Kelis and Dizzee being amazing and deservedly chosen ahead of mine.

Most of my photos used in Tramlines Times were used for reviews of artists and all of those have also been published on the Exposed website.  So you can see my photos used in reviews of Emma Crowder at the Cathedral, Dizzee on the Main Stage and Napoleon IIIrd at Folk Forest on the Exposed reviews page.

I was really pleased, however, to see so many of my photos published in the August issue of Exposed Magazine. Exposed magazine is Sheffield's premier entertainment guide and is always a good way to find out what's happening / happened in Sheffield each month.  It's also a great read too.

In the August issue have used one of my photos of the crowd from Dizzee Rascal on the Friday night on the main stage on page 16 and 3 of my photos are included in their 8 favourite photos from Tramlines on page 83 (my photos of three guys really going for it at Black Peaks, of the Super Mario Bros Tramlines stag and of the Folk Forest).

You can see the photos below.



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