Outlines Festival 2017 - Out of this world!

March 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last weekend I had the enormous pleasure of being one of the official photographers for the Outlines Festival.

Now in its second year, Outlines 2017 was a bigger and better event than last year, mainly due to it expanding to be a 2 day festival having added a Friday night to the programme.  And I was really pleased to see that despite the rain the crowds came out and supported the event.

Highlights for me this year included the Nirvana and Pixies-influenced - and very hairy - The Wytches at the Harley, the amazingly photogenic Law Holt at Plug, the loud and punky Cowtown at Queens Social Club and the R&B with attitude of Bossy Love.  But one of the proudest moments was photographing The Seamonsters - a band from my son's school - playing to a large crowd at 6PM on a Friday night in the smallest room in Plug. They were excellent and hopefully this will be the stepping stone to greatness...

Anyway, below are a selection of the photos I took (you can see them all in the Outlines 2017 gallery here















































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