Saturday at Tramlines 2017

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Days 2 of Tramlines 2017 was one of the best, and most eventful, days of the 7 years I've been covering Tramlines. It had everything: exciting and amazing gigs, crowd surfing, torrential rain, glorious sunshine and wonderful festival goers.

I started off my Tramlines Saturday by covering the street entertainment. As per usual they were incredibly entertaining and a great free gift to the city of Sheffield from Tramlines. I caught the Beegees, Granny Turismo, the SWANK girl guides and two street theatre performers. All really entertained me and made me laugh loads.










I then headed over to the main stage to catch Toots and the Maytals followed by Cabbage. Toots and his band were fantastic and drew an enormous crowd. He played all of his hits and was thoroughly entertaining while being the coolest, and most laid back, 70-something in the world. It also helped that the sun was shining so I also was able to take lots of photos of punters enjoying the atmosphere.

Cabbage were a complete contrast and, although I enjoyed them, they weren't as popular as Toots; the crowd dissipated quickly after Toots finished which was a shame as Cabbage were great high energy indie punk noise pop. 

Next up was Cate Le Bon at the Folk Forest where I met up with my girlfriend Sarah. Unfortunately the glorious weather was replaced by torrential rain so my camera stayed in its bag for that one.  It's just as well it did as we got completely soaked (and I discovered that my rain coat wasn't so waterproof after all! 

Afterwards I was supposed to cover Primal Scream but I didn't fancy getting wetter still so we headed to the Crystal Bar as this was indoors and dry!  And I was so pleased that we did as I finally, after 7 years, managed to experience and photograph some crowd surfing at a gig! It was during the performance of Avalanche Party. The lead singer was singing really closely to the front of the mosh pit and he suddenly launched himself onto the crowd. I quickly grabbed my camera, put on the trusty ultra-wide lens and got in amongst the throng to capture the action.  Unfortunately I forgot to put on my flashgun so the resulting image is a little dark and grainy but I think it works.  You can see the crowd surfing photo at the top of this post.

The next band on the bill, October Drift, were every bit as entertaining as the previous band. Instead of crowd surfing the singer of this band jumped up onto the roof and sang down to the crowd!

And that was Saturday done and dusted.  You can see all of my photos from Saturday here: Tramlines 2017 photos

Stay tuned for my Sunday report coming soon... 




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