Sunday at Tramlines 2017

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Sunday at Tramlines 2017 was even more magical, spine-tingling and amazing than the first two days. It may even have been the best day ever at Tramlines for me!

This was mainly due to the first band I covered: the Sheffield Sgt. Pepper Project. This was a collection of 30 Sheffield musicians and singers who performed a note perfect version of the whole of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper album. It was one of the best gigs I have ever had the privilege to photograph and experience. Magical doesn't really do it justice.  It was on at 1PM in the Folk Forest and they drew an enormous crowd, which was amazing for the opening act of the day.  If all I did was watch the gig and take a few photos it would have been wonderful but I was asked by the Folk Forest organisers to get on stage at the end and take a photo of the crowd. And that was FANTASTIC. So many people were there and they all, mainly, followed the instructions to raise their hands in the air as you can see from the photo below.  The performance is being repeated at the O2 in November so I'd highly recommend you getting tickets if you can.

So how do you follow that?  This was a question posed by John Joseph Brill who was next on stage at Folk Forest. I didn't take any photos because I was too busy eating a wonderful chickpea curry with pakoras from the lovely curry stall followed by delicious rose lemonade and a wonderful-as-usual Forge Bake House brownie from the coffee truck.

I then headed to see Loyle Carner at the Main Stage. I think he's great and loved all of the songs that 6 music have played of his over the last year. I was gutted that I didn't know who he was last year when he played Outlines so I missed him then (I missed him because I rely on 6 Music to introduce me to new music and as they weren't playing him in Feb last year, and I'm not quite cool enough to get my new music from other sources, I missed out).  Am so glad I caught him this time as he was really excellent.  A real show man and really very expressive so a joy to photograph.  Just wish that someone in the crowd hadn't thrown him a t-shirt as he held on to it which made keeping him in frame difficult.

Unfortunately the soles of my girlfriend's boots came off her old boots so we had to quickly nip home to get her some different shoes so I had to miss a bit of the festival. However, once we returned, we headed to Devonshire Green to see The Coral. It was great to have Dev Green back as a stage as it's an excellent venue for photographs. The banked stage which is higher at the back than the front makes taking shots of the whole crowd really easy.

The Coral were fantastic and it was wonderful to see a packed Dev Green bouncing along to Dreaming of You, their final song despite the rain.

As with Saturday we headed to The Crystal Bar for the end of the night and the festival itself.

Here we saw two very different bands to those we saw the night before. The first was a band based around a singer called Keir. Keir was a real talent who seemed a mix between Prince and Mika (but in a good way!).  He really gave his all while singing and in a more tender song about unrequited love he actually broke down and started crying 3/4 of the way through the song.  He was very embarrassed and kept apologising but everyone in the crowd were cheering. It really added to his performance. If he's not a big star in a year or two I will be very surprised.

The final act of the night, and of Tramlines 2017 for me, was Faerground Accidents.  They were very entertaining and an excellent end to the festival. I'd heard good things about them in the past but I'd never seen them before. So it was great to finally see them.

So that is Tramlines over for another year. I had an absolute blast and I already can't wait until Tramlines 2018!


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