Lucy - contortionist . gymnast photoshoot

February 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I was contacted by Laura, the Mum of 9 year old Lucy, back in late 2017.  She wanted to buy a portrait photoshoot as a Christmas present and I was more than happy to oblige by making up a voucher. And I was looking forward to the shoot as Lucy is a talented contortionist and gymnast - see her Instagram to see some of her amazing moves. We had the shoot today and we had a blast! Contact me if you'd like to buy a similar voucher for your child or relative.

I was very fortunate that Lucy's Dad runs the Creative Arts Hub in Mirfield as this made for a fantastic location for the shoot. And that Lucy could contort her body into many painful-if-I-tried but amazing looking positions!

You can see a selection of my picks of the shoot below as well as a wider view of my "studio" set-up.  And you can see more in the full gallery of photos. By the way, Lucy's friend Tia accompanied Lucy to the shoot and I took some of her and the two of them together. I've not shared any photos of Tia until i've had a chance to speak to Tia's Mum. So I will add these photos once I get permission.



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